Tempranllo & Syrah (9 months in barrel)

Seis+Seis 2016


Tasting notes

This wine shows a cherry-red color with of medium densi­ty, whilst being clear and brilliant with great aromatic intensity. In the nose: aromas of blueberry and woodland fruits all enla­ced within notes of chocolate, toasted spices and a hint of oak and salinity. On the Palate: a charming entry on the palate wra­pped within a floral overture. A hint of bitterness as the wine passes through the mouth, expressing its gently tempered mine­rality. Full and potent on the palate with an elegant and prolon­ged finish.



Tempranillo and Syrah


Involves a cold maceration of the grapes at 14ºC during 24 hours and a further maceration in stainless-steel vats for 3 to 4 days. Subsequently the wine is fermented with selected yeasts in the vat, at a controlled temperature. The 'malolactic-fermentation' also occurs within the vat.


A maturing period of 9 months is allowed in ba­rrels of French oak.

To Accompany

The most versatile of alI our wines, it goes well with fish due to has a slight salinity; as well with pasta and is fantastic with grilled meats.


92 puntos Verema

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