Cabernet Sauvignon - Petit Verdot

Encaste 2015

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Tasting notes

Encaste personifies a wine from a city and land whose traditions lie deep in the ambiamce of classical Rome. The sunlight, the climate, the culture, and above all, the ancient art of the bull; all ensure that Cabernet Sauvignon vine, from wich issues this wine, represents the character and the profundity of this ancient land, where the bull’s head blazes from the bridge over Ronda’s great gorge.

Its twelve months of pampered rest in barrels of French oak produces a wine of great beauty yo the eye, profound blasamic aromas, a mellow hint of wood and a flavour that is both deep and serius.

A Red Wine with a maturity of twelve months in barrels or French oak; and sujected to selection for both for vine and fruit quality.



Medium height intense and a clear appearance of fruit.


An intense, aromatic flavor of mature fruit; hints of liquorices and cedar with a touch of french oak together with traces of chocolate and spices.


The smooth taste of a fully and finely rounded wine which evokes the savour of montain fruits while combining great intensity with freshness on the palate

To accompany

Subtle flavours of roasted game together with hints of dark chocolate.


95 Puntos Deutschland Interneationale Weinwettbewerb

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